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What do our employees want and what do they need?

As with any transition to new ways of doing things, some people learn about it first and move faster. Some people know what is needed, but many don’t even know yet how the transition will happen and how it will impact them. Based on a J.D. Power study, about 20% of US car buyers are strongly in favor of EVs, and another 20% are strongly against them, leaving the middle 60% that can be influenced. This means that 80% of people are either already trying to figure out how they could shift to driving electric or would be interested in learning more about it. Based on this, it would be good to know how many of your employees already drive EVs and provide some EV 101 information for those who are interested in the topic.

We provide:

  • Survey tools and EV owners hearing events

  • EV 101 presentations and discussions

  • Workplace charging 101 information

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