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EMPOWER is the First and Only Equity-Focused
Nationwide Workplace Charging Project.

EMPOWER is a government-funded national initiative that promotes workplace charging for electric vehicles (EVs) while prioritizing equity and inclusivity. Our name and our mission stand for Equitable Mobility Powering Opportunities for Workplace Electrification Readiness.

Our EV-friendly workplace charging program supports sustainable transportation and helps reduce carbon emissions, while offering convenient charging options to promote eco-friendly practices in the workplace. We support and recognize employers who pledge to provide EV charging access, regardless of their organization's size or progress. EMPOWER provides guided path to EV installations.

Charging an Electric Car


Transportation is electrifying, and today's drivers need access to charging where they live, where they play, and most importantly, where they work. As federal, state, and regional investments continue to build toward an electric-fueled future, where to “plug in” is a topic most EV drivers are familiar with.


Workplace charging (WPC) provides great convenience for electric vehicle (EV) owners and in some cases, is essential for commuters that do not have access to charging at home. As an employer, you have a unique opportunity to capitalize on Federal, State, and local utility support for workplace charging while demonstrating your workplace’s corporate leadership and sustainability commitment while providing enhanced employee benefits.


Assist 2000+ Workplaces

Over 40% of Workplace Charger Install Commitments From Workplaces of Diverse Backgrounds or Settings

3,500 EV Charger Ports Installed




  1. Free Coaching & Consulting To Support Workplace Charging​

  2. A Certificate To Showcase Your Workplace Is EV Friendly​

  3. Access To Resources To Help Further Your Workplace Charging Program​

  4. Recognition At Regional & National Levels For Being An EV Friendly Workplace

All Hands In


Sign the EMPOWER Pledge to get connected with your local Clean Cities Coalition Coach who will guide you through every step of the workplace charging process, researching any available incentives to reduce the cost of your project.


Your local Coach will also help recognize your organization for your part in advancing access to electric vehicles.

Many of the best practices, lessons learned, tools, and templates available here are based on the accomplishments of EMPOWER Workplace Charging Project partners and past U.S. Department of Energy workplace charging initiatives.

The Pledge:
My organization is supporting the growth of charging at work for our employees and pledges to investigate how we can install more workplace charging or better support employee access to electric vehicles.​

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