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Building Owners & Managers

EV charging as a new amenity

As a building owner/manager, you are constantly looking for ways to provide good value for your existing customers and to attract new ones. Electric vehicle charging services are a great way to support both of these efforts. Now is the time to figure out how you can do this at your properties and get ready to provide these services as a new amenity to your clients.

The most challenging aspects of workplace charging are managing a process involving several parties and finding solutions that provide the greatest cost-benefit ratios and convenience for the building owners or tenants and their employees. Every workplace will have its own advantages and limitations. Therefore, there is no “one size fits all” solution, and instead every infrastructure project will have to be designed based on the case at hand. The good news is that our EMPOWER coalition partners are here to help you with planning and implementation of this infrastructure.

How to proceed?
Make plans and start to offer workplace charging 
If you haven't yet received any requests from your tenants or any of their employees, it is time to gauge the general interest in WPC at your office complex or facility. Here are a couple of ideas of how to do this:

1. Install some visitor/public charging stations in a central location where people can notice them. After the installation, announce the availability of the stations through your publicity channels and invite users and people potentially interested in WPC to contact your company directly. You can also post the information request and contact information on the charging stations.  No matter what kind of WPC setup you decide to later install, these pilot stations will still be valuable. 

2. Work with employers to learn about their interest to have workplace charging for their employees. Our
Tools page has a lot of tools and other resources page that help you to plan and implement the project.  

3. Make sure to engage your local 
EMPOWER coalition partner. As part of our project, coalition partners can help you with workplace charging planning, implementation and recognition efforts. Also contact your electric utility company to see what kind of programs they have and how they could help. 

Talk with EMPOWER coalition partner to learn what programs and incentives might be available to support these efforts. 

- Cost effective tenant service
Workplace charging is a new service for your tenants that many of their employees will appreciate. This can be set up very cost effectively by planning ahead, offering options and making material investments only after there is a need and commitment from your tenants.

- Tenant attraction and retention
Simply by offering options for workplace charging at your facilities, you will send the message that you are interested in providing solutions for both the present and future needs of your tenants. It is the most forward-thinking and proactive companies and employees that are moving to electric transportation, and these same qualities often make successful companies. These are the kind of tenants that you want to attract and retain.

- Build brand-new revenue streams
Helping your tenants offer workplace charging for their employees will provide new revenue opportunities. You can charge for the service and potentially add more paid parking spots to your lot.

- LEED points
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building certifications assign value for the availability of workplace charging infrastructure at office buildings. Your facility can receive extra points for offering this service to your building users.

- Publicity
Looking for good publicity and a piece of the spotlight? Offering workplace charging options will set you up as a leader and your facilities as places to go. The best part of the story is that there are programs and incentives by utilities that can help you do this.

Condominium and Apartment building charging 

If you own, manage or develop condominium and/or apartment buildings, take a look at It provides a lot of good info on how to approach EV charging for those properties.  

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