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How can we enable a more equitable transition to EVs with workplace charging?

We are living in an EV decade where most of our transportation will be electrified. Your company can play a role in this process and help to make this a more equitable transition. Naturally these actions are specific to your company, so we need to figure out what works best for you. Empower is an outreach and education project that provides you support and resources to find the right answers to the following questions. Get in touch with our coalition partners


 Get in touch with our coalition partners:

Coalitions-Map Orangeblue 2023 1030.png

The Clean Cities Coalitions that are part of the EMPOWER project (listed from West Coast to East Coast):

If there isn't a project partner listed in your state just let us know and we will help you. 
Contact EMPOWER project coordinator

Some technical considerations:

We can help you by providing:

  • Senior management EV/WPC education

  • Advisory help for the project committee

  • Connections to local companies


EMPOWER project partners: 

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