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How do we work with our property owner to make this happen?

The most challenging aspects of workplace charging are managing a process involving several parties and finding solutions that provide the greatest cost-benefit ratios and convenience for the building owners or tenants and their employees. Every workplace will have its own advantages and limitations. Therefore, there is no “one size fits all” solution, and instead every infrastructure project will have to be designed based on the case at hand. Building owners/managers are constantly looking for ways to provide good value for their existing customers and to attract new ones. Electric vehicle charging services are a great new amenity that can help with these efforts. Sit down with your owner/manager and explain why this is important to your company and your employees. It’s likely that they are already at least somewhat familiar with the topic so we just need to plan what this would mean in your property.

We provide:

  • Advice, assistance and subject matter expertise

  • Tools and resources to help with the process

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