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How do we make this equitable?

EVs are not just for affluent buyers. It is starting to become common knowledge that EVs are the most affordable option if you need to use a personal vehicle. The total cost of ownership is much lower due to lower energy and maintenance costs. To put it simply, EVs leave more money in the owner’s pocket. This is a great way to help those with lower income to stretch their dollars further. Why isn’t everyone doing this already? Naturally, we need more education, but there has also been a shortage of affordable used EVs available in the market. This is improving since increasing EV sales will bring more used EVs to the market, and the new federal incentives provide up to $4000 tax credit for lower income buyers. Another challenge can be charging access, and this is where you can help. Installing charging infrastructure is harder in condominiums and apartment buildings, so if people have an option to charge at work, they can start driving an EV sooner, and have more time to figure out their home charging setup. One thing that your company should consider is whether you could provide some incentives that would especially help lower income and disadvantaged community members.

We provide:

  • Advice on how to build equitable programs

  • Tools and resources to help with the process

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