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How do we educate our employees about our program?

Since this is a new area for most people, there is a strong need for education for all stakeholders. Planning committee members have a dire need for real-life understanding. You can consider EV expert Lunch&Learn presentations, employee EV owners panel discussions or other information sessions. Providing enough information will help to overcome the inertia that new concepts usually face.

Part of this effort is to make sure we know some of the EV owning employees and engage them to share their experiences. During these EV owner panel presentations, we will talk briefly about the market, vehicles available, and charging 101 and then ask our panelist to share what it is really like to own, drive and charge their EVs. This message is much more powerful when you hear it from your peers. At the same time, attendees meet some EV owners that they can reach out to when they have any questions.

We provide:

  • Lunch&Learn EV presentations

  • EV owners panel discussions with EV owning employees

  • Help and resources in doing an EV Show and Ride & Drive event

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