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EMPOWER Partner Tools


These tools are meant for EMPOWER partners, that is why they are not on the "public" side of the workplace charging site. There isn't really anything secret in these documents, but these are in separate location to keep things better organized. We hope you find these tools useful.  

This tool helps EMPOWER partners to make sure that they have basic systems in place before they start contacting employers. 

Partner Preparedness Sheet 300.jpg
Key questions300.jpg

This document has key questions that you can use to coach employer through the decision and planning process.

This document provides information on some of the main workplace charging technical considerations that are important in these processes.

Technical considerations300.jpg
Employer info sheet300.jpg

This document is designed to help EMPOWER partners get ready to talk with employers.

This document provides a list of topics most commonly included in workplace charging case studies.

Case Study template 300.jpg
Level 2 smart charging 400.jpg

This document describes smart Level 2 charging features and benefits to different stakeholders. It is useful tool when talking about hardware and software decisions with workplace charging project partners. 

EMPOWER tools as word documents

We are providing EMPOWER tools to our partners as Word documents too so you can add your own logos and also edit them to better fit your needs. 

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