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Parking Ramp Charging
Infrastructure TabLe

The Parking Ramp Charging Infrastructure table will help parking ramp owners explore different charging infrastructure, billing and pricing. When considering your options you will need to consult with the utility company and an electrician who is knowledgeable about electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and metering installations.

The WPC Power and Energy Calculator tool will help you estimate and calculate employees' power and energy needs. Using these numbers, you can decide which charging system works for each PEV owner and get an idea of what the energy costs will be.

You can use the WPC Simple survey to engage with existing PEV owners and gauge interest among other employees to estimate future expansion needs.

The WPC Simple concept is developed to give companies an affordable and easy way to provide workplace charging for their employees. This might not work for all companies as designed, but we would recommend starting with this approach and adding more complexity if required by  circumstances. 

WPC SImple SUrvey

WPC Power and Energy Calculator

WPC Simple concept paper

The following WPC tools are designed to help Employers, Building owners and Managers
calculate, decide and plan ​for PEV charging infrastructure.

Practical Tools and processes to Workplace Charging.