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Here is a collection of additional information sources on EVs and workplace charging. 

EV 101: 
DOE: Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook for Consumers 

Why would someone want to drive an EV? 

Charging 101:
Plug-In electric vehicle charging infrastructure basics 

Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook for Electrical Contractors 

Workplace and EV charging:
Charging While You Work: A Guide for Expanding Electric Vehicle Infrastructure at the Workplace
by John Bailey, prepared for MN Pollution Control Agency.

Calstart report: Best practices for workplace charging

CALSTART EV Employer Initiative 

DOE Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook for Workplace Charging Hosts 

DOE: EV Everywhere Workplace Charging Challenge

DOE Workplace Charging Challenge fact sheet 

Tom Saxton provides great real life examples at The Goldilocks Approach article​

"Minnesota agency aims to expand workplace EV charging" article

Installation guides:

Advanced Energy report: EVSE Installation Handbook for Electrical Contractors and Inspectors

Oregon EV charging infrastructure deployment guidelines 

State Laws and Incentives 

Advanced Energy Workplace Charging study

General information about EVs and charging infrastructure:
PlugInConnect resources page 

Information about Apartment building and Condominium charging: 

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