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We have seen several WPC projects get started with high hopes, only to get bogged down with technical difficulties, cumbersome usage policies or higher than expected costs that have derailed the projects. Therefore, we have developed a supplier agnostic WPC Simple Concept that provides a practical and cost effective approach to workplace charging. Visit the WPC Simple page to learn more and start thinking about how it could be applied at your workplace. 

So now you're ready to move forward. You have the tools to put together a game plan and get it done. Good luck with the project and let us know if we can provide any further assistance. 

Recommend simple and practical solutions

1. Calculate your own use case. 

2. Find other PEV owners who are parking in the same lot or parking ramp and see if you could work together to have a bigger voice. 

3. Talk with your employer and ask if they have considered offering EV charging at your workplace. Share your and your fellow PEV owners reasons for wanting WPC and refer your employer to the Employers page to learn more. 

4. Start discussions on the best ways to have WPC at your workplace. Keep it very simple and practical. 

5. Help your employer find the best solutions.  

As we know, the most important place for plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging infrastructure for private car owners is at home. Home charging systems allow owners to charge their vehicles at night and provide the basic daily driving range.
So why would you need workplace charging?
Workplace charging (WPC) will take electric transportation to a new level by enabling users to take full advantage of the features their vehicles provide and double their daily driving range if needed. See the benefits list on the bottom of this webpage. 

Do the MAth

WPC provides convenience and flexibility


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Flat monthly fee

Public stations provide flexibility

Dedicated parking

Low installation costs

Workplace Charging Simple concept

For your employer or the building owner to consider WPC, they have to see that there is a need for it. Therefore your next step in the process is to connect with other PEV owners. If you see others PEVs parked in the same parking area, for example, you can simply leave a friendly note on their windscreen inviting them to call you so you can talk with them about WPC and see what their needs are. If you haven't seen other PEVs yet parking in the same lot, you might have to start this process yourself and justify the project by discussing future needs. There are many benefits listed on the Employers and Building Owners/Managers webpages that you can use when talking with decision makers. You can also ask your HR department to do a short survey of employees using WPC Simple Survey template to identify current PEV owners and those who are considering purchasing or leasing one in the near future. 

Demonstrate the need 

We highly recommend keeping things very simple, using your own experience as an example and helping your employer to find cost effective solutions. You can start by analyzing your own workplace charging needs. You can do this by downloading the WPC Power and Energy Calculator (PDF) and do the math on your use case. This will clarify your needs and prepare you for presenting the numbers to your employer. 

As an employee, you may be trying to figure out how to convince your employer that providing WPC is a good move, and how to help them to implement it. 

Action items
WPC Benefits for PEV Owners

Range security
The opportunity to charge at work will ensure that you always have a long driving range available, allowing you to let go of “range anxiety.”

Range extensions
Workplace charging will allow you to fully recharge your battery during the workday, potentially doubling your daily driving range. Some users have driven over 30,000 miles per year with their EVs using this strategy.

Most of the EVs coming to the market have an option of setting your car to preheat or precool before you even get in the vehicle. Workplace charging will allow you to fully enjoy this feature without using the batteries and shortening the range.

More flexibility (Errands, change of plans…)
Our days are not all the same and sometimes plans change. Workplace charging will make those changes easier to manage and provide the needed flexibility by extending your range.

Purchase decision influence
Purchasing an electric car can be a wise move, but the decision has many implications. The knowledge that you can charge your vehicle at work will make that decision easier.