Mostly Level 1

Payroll deduction

Flat monthly fee

Public stations provide flexibility

Dedicated parking

Low installation costs

No ongoing network fees

Affordable stations

Workplace Charging Simple concept

This is why we developed a supplier agnostic WPC Simple concept that provides a practical and cost effective approach to workplace charging. Visit the WPC Simple page to learn more and start thinking how it could be applied at your workplace.



Case Studies

Promoting Your WPC Program:

When you have installed some charging infrastructure, here are some great resources that help you in promoting your WPC program: 
DOE: PEV Outreach Resources  

WPC Benefits for Employers

1. Read through the WPC Simple concept and start to put together a team that can make things happen. 

2. Join the DOE Workplace Charging Challenge.   

2. Talk with your employees and use the WPC Simple survey to engage with existing PEV owners and see how many are looking at purchasing an EV or PHEV in the three five years. Remember that since the technology is still new to most people, many of them don’t feel comfortable even considering buying one.

3. Talk with your building owner/manager about their interest in partnering with you to find the right solutions. Refer them to the Building Owners / Managers page.

4. Learn, educate, negotiate and work to find the right solutions. 

Action items
More resources

Many of your employees may be considering purchasing a plug-in vehicle. Workplace charging (WPC) provides great convenience for plug-in vehicle (PEV) owners, and in some cases is essential for commuters. As an employer, you have a unique opportunity to show leadership in this area by working with the building owner/manager to provide workplace charging for your employees. We have listed some of the key benefits of doing this on the bottom of this page. 
But we must warn you. Workplace charging can be very complicated if you make it so. We have seen several WPC projects get started with high hopes, only to get bogged down later with technical difficulties, cumbersome usage policies or higher than expected costs that have derailed the projects

Show leadership in supporting sustainable transportation options. 

Employee benefit
Workplace charging is a service that many of your employees will highly appreciate. Users will happily pay appropriate fees for access to electricity at work, or you can consider offering it for free. If you choose the latter option, talk to your tax advisor, as this may be considered a reportable employee benefit.

Attraction and retention
Employees are always looking for dynamic companies that stay on the leading edge of technological development. Workplace charging infrastructure can be one way for your company to show this while providing a valuable service for your employees.

Green credentials
On average, commuting to work and back using a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle consumes twice as much energy as the operating energy use of the office building per person. EVs, on the other hand, are about four times more efficient, so every employee who can move from a traditional vehicle to an EV will reduce energy consumption considerably.

Nothing says that you care about people and their future better than supporting efficient, energy independent, low emission, and local economy supporting technology like EVs.

By providing workplace charging, you can show leadership in supporting sustainable transportation options. This kind of action can garner your company positive publicity.