Workplace charging takes EVs to the next level!
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Charging While You Work:
A guide for expanding electric vehicle infrastructure at the workplace.

by John Bailey, prepared for MN Pollution Control Agency, December 2012
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Presentations from "Workplace Charging: Expanding Electric Vehicle Infrastructure in Minnesota" - webinar held 11/14/12

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Electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are coming to the market and new drivers are finding the best ways to maximize electric range and use the new convenience features. Charging methods and sources play a large role in this process.

The majority of charging will happen at home at night when it is most convenient and affordable. That will provide the base for operations, but workplace charging will play an important role in transportation electrification.

User benefits

Workplace charging will provide an opportunity for some drivers to double their daily driving range, enabling even long distance commuters to use EVs. For others it will mean more flexibility in their day, climate mitigation, and range comfort. And workplace charging also allows the use of preheating and cooling functions that make commutes comfortable and safe without compromising range.    

Cost-effective solutions

In most cases, home charging systems are very straightforward to choose and install. Workplace charging can be somewhat more complicated, since there are several parties involved and energy supply, data collection, and billing require different solutions. The good news is that this doesn't necessarily mean big investments and high usage fees.