Key parts of this supplier agnostic concept are: 

Mostly Level 1

Payroll deduction

Flat monthly fee

Public stations provide flexibility

Dedicated parking

Low installation costs

No ongoing network fees

Affordable stations

WPC Simple concept is developed to give companies an affordable and easy way to provide workplace charging for their employees. 

Workplace Charging Simple concept

Figuring out the ideal charging setup, policies and technical details for your workplace can be complicated. We have gathered the best available tools to help you in this process. 

Visit the Case Studies page to read how other employers, property owners and management companies have planned and provided charging infrastructure for EV owners.

Electric vehicles will mean a huge shift in the energy market, which provides unique opportunities for dynamic companies to establish themselves as leaders in this field. Learn more about how you can help your clients in WPC processes.  


Workplace charging is a great new employee benefit, allowing owners to take full advantage of the features their vehicles provide and double their daily driving range if needed. 



No business is an island, so you are always looking for new, valuable services to offer to your clients. PEV charging services are a great way to future proof your commercial property.  


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Case ​Studies


Explore how you can make it happen.

EV owners

Workplace EV charging provides value to all stakeholders 

Our EV owners page has information for you on how to introduce the idea of workplace charging to your employer, plus links to advanced tools to help you make your case.